20 Franc (French rule), GOLD, BU, 1891-1904

6.4516 g., .900 GOLD, .1867 oz AGW., KM 227

Obv leg: Ali

Brilliant Uncirculated. Very rare, scarce low mintage coin !

Tunisia remained a part of Roman Empire until the Turkish invasion of 1570. Under Turkish control, the republic revenue was heavily dependent upon the piracy of Mediterranean shipping, an endeavor that wasn't abandoned until 1819 when a coalition of powers threatened reprisal. Deprived of its major source of income, Tunisia underwent a financial regression that ended in bankruptcy, enabling France to establish a protectorate over the country in 1881. Tunisia was granted an internal autonomy in 1955 and to recognize Tunisian independence on March 20, 1956. Tunisia abolished the monarchy and established a republic on July 25, 1957.

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