Russia, Russian Federation, 50 Silver Kopek (Half a Rouble), 1921-1922.

Y83, 9.9980 g, .900 SILVER, .2893 oz ASW

Beginning in 1921, the Soviet Russian State minted silver coins at the Petrograd Mint under mintmasters A.F.Hartman and P.V. Latishev. Apparently Lenin and other communist leaders hoped that introduction of these coins would encourage faith in the Soviet Russian Government and stimulate economic growth.  Clearly, the silver coinage was intended for internal Soviet Russian use. Lenin's government thus can be seen to have pursued a policy of limited equality for Russians, as they were unable to accumulate large amounts of easily hidden wealth. The new Soviet nation replaced the Czar's portrait, the crowned Russian double-headed eagle of the Romanov family and the imperial crown on its own. On the obverse of all Soviet Russian coins appeared a hammer and sickle surrounded by the Slavonic legend for Russian Socialist Federated Soviet Republic, with the letters PC CP at the bottom. The reverse is dominated by a five pointed star, surrounded by wheat ears with the amount of fifty kopek impressed above the star in its center, with the date below it.