10 Zlotych 1925

3.2258 g., .900 GOLD, .0933 oz AGW., Y 32

Boleslaw I

Brilliant Uncirculated.

Boleslaw I, called The Brave or The Mighty (circa 966-1025), first king of Poland. In 992 he succeeded his father Mieszko as prince of Poland and embarked on a vigorous program of expansion, beginning by declaring his country's independence of the Holy Roman Empire. In the west he conquered Lusatia and Meissen, and in 1003 he forced Bohemia to acknowledge him as its prince. Later losing these territories to the German king Henry II, he finally regained them by the Treaty of Bautzen ( 1018). In the same year, he invaded the Russian state of Kiev, giving its throne to his son-in-law Svyatopolk. Boleslaw continued his father's support of Christianity and made the Polish church independent under the papacy, establishing Gniezno as an archbishopric. Crowned king in the year of his death, he left Poland one of the strongest states in Europe.
"Boleslaw I," Microsoft(R) Encarta(R) 98 Encyclopedia.

All Polish gold is scarce. These 10 and 20 zlotych pieces with a portrait of King Boleslaw I, are only gold coins minted in Poland between 1841 and 1976. These coins were a part of Polish gold reserve before beginning of WWII. In September 1939 after Nazi invasion the Polish government transferred  these coins together with other gold to the UK. In 1940 England warring about Nazi invasion sent  this gold to the North Africa where it stayed until end of the war. After the communist took over of Poland in 1946 the British government refused to return this gold. It stayed in the British banks until the collapse of communist regimes in the Eastern Europe. Finally in 1990 Poland received its gold back. But to get gold out of Polish banks is like pulling teeth, very hard to obtain. Before 1995 to get these coins were next to impossible. Finally after Poland decided to apply to NATO membership and faced with shortage of a hard currency for modernization of its Armed Force Poland very reluctantly sold part of its gold. Now you have very narrow window of opportunity to buy these coins.
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