Hungary, 20 Korona, 1893-1907

6.7750 g., .900 GOLD, .1960 oz AGW.

Almost Uncirculated condition. Piece of rare beauty.

        The ancient kingdom of Hungary, founded by the Magyars in the 9th century, achieved its greatest extension in the mid 14th century when its dominions touched the Baltic, Black and Mediterranean Seas. After suffering repeated Turkish invasions, Hungary accepted Habsburg rule to escape Turkish occupation, regaining independence in 1867 with the Emperor of Austria as king of a dual Austro-Hungarian monarchy. After World War I, Hungary lost 2/3 of its territory and 1/2 of its population and underwent a period of dramatic political revision. The short lived republic of 1918 was followed by a chaotic interval of communist rule, 1919, and the restoration of the monarchy in 1920 with Admiral Horty as a regent of the kingdom. Although a German ally in World War II, Hungary was occupied by German troops who imposed a pro-Nazi dictatorship, 1944. Soviet armies drove out the Germans in 1945 and assisted the communist minority in seizing power. A revised constitution published on August 20, 1949, established Hungary as a 'People's Republic' of the Soviet type. On October 23, 1989, Hungary was proclaimed the Republic of Hungary.

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