Germany, Prussia 20 Mark, Military Bust 1913-1914

7.9650 g., .900 GOLD, .2304 oz AGW, KM #537, Mint mark A

Kaizer Wilhelm II

Tke Kindom of Prussia, located in north central Germany, came into being in 1701. The ruler received the title of King in Prussia in exchange for his support during the War of the Spanish Succession. During the Napoleonic Wars, Prussia allied itself with Saxony. When they were defeated in 1806 they were forced to cede a large portion of their territory. In 1813 teh French were expelled and their territories were returned to them plus additional territories. After defeating Denmark and Austria, in 1864 they acquired more territory. Prussia was the pivotal state of unification of Germany in 1871 and their King was proclaimed emperor of all Germany. Wilhelm II, King of Prussia was the Kaizer of Germany from 1888 to 1918. World War I brought an end to the Empire and the Kindom of Prussia in 1918.

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