Denmark, Frederick VIII, 20 Kroner, 1908-1912

Brilliant Uncirculated

8.9605 g., .900 GOLD, .2592 oz AGW

Mintmasters initials: VBP

One of the highest quality gold coin of the millennium is now available for the first time ever! This beautiful coin is part of the treasure which have been stored in Europe in sealed bags from a Central Bank since the early years of the 20th century. This coin is as fresh and original as the day it was struck!

The 10 Kroner gold pieces were first struck in 1873, as the country abandoned the silver standard. With silver in abundance because of the Comstock Lode and other major strikes in the United States, Denmark sold its silver position and purchased gold. In May of 1873 Denmark and Sweden signed a monetary agreement to issue gold coins of a uniform weight and fineness. The gold coins of Denmark carried a portrait of the current ruler, beginning with Christian IX in 1873, changing to Frederick VIII in 1908, and culminating with Christian X in 1913.

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